How to keep your Bub warm in Winter

12 February 2018 8:37:58 am AEDT

How to make your baby warm in winter

I found it almost impossible to get out of the bed when winters are here and my bed is cozy and warm. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do when it is cold. Winters are never my kind of thing.

 And then there are BABIES. The super tiny, delicate and sensitive little humans who wants to be as warm as we could be during the tough snowy winters! Winters with babies can be very tricky especially if you are first time parents. You don’t even know what clothing’s to buy, what type of sheets, fleece and liners you must have and what should be the ideal room temperature in the nursery.

There are many ways to keep your baby warm during winters. Let’s have a look on some major important points to make your tiny humans warm and cozy!

Layer up!

The first and foremost thing to keep your baby warm is to understand what type of clothing items you should use during winters. If you live in a geographical area, where there are extreme cold winters with snow most of the time, you have to stock up with warm woolen dresses for the baby. If the winters are not so hard on you, you still have to fill the wardrobe with proper winter items so that the baby can be warm.

  • Easy layer:

You can start wrapping up your baby by selecting soft onesies. Onesies can come in many designs and styles and for winters you can select an inner with full sleeves and legs. The other word for onesies’ is also bodysuits or inners. For further help to choose onesies you can get help from .

  • Fleece up!

After covering your baby with a bodysuit you can use baby fleece or a nice cozy fleece and trousers. Most parents prefer soft trousers or leggings for their babies as compared to fancy jeans and skirts (keeping your baby warm is more important than fancy clothing). You can also use jackets or sweaters when you are inside your home. There are varieties of stylish woolen dresses available for babies which can add warmth and style at the same time.

  • Layer on to layer!

Avoid putting too much layers on your baby when you are inside your home. It will make your baby uncomfortable and fussy. Chose clothing items in which your baby can play easily when she is awake. Don’t bundle up too much inside the home.

Set room temperature

If you are one of those who have internal heating system in their homes, you must take care of the temperature of the house. Set it at normal temperature in which it does not warm the house too much or not so low that the cold intervene the house. The temperature depends on the geographical area you are living and also depends on the cold outside.

Keep it in mind even if the temperature of the nursery is set to be warm, it doesn’t mean that your baby is still warm in her crib! You need to check the baby throughout night whether she is cold or not. Sometimes it also happens that the baby becomes too much warm in the bed due to extra coverings. So you have to take care of the room thermometer as well as your baby.

A warm home but with care

If you are using space heaters to warm the house you have to take special precautions. Always keep space heaters away from the reach of the babies. Same is the case with the fire. You have to baby proof the fire so that your baby can play safely. Babies who crawl or are learning to walk may get near to fire or heaters and get themselves burn. Use mirror barriers between such things and your baby. You can also use baby gates around the fire or heater so that it can be safe for everyone.

Setting the crib or cot

The most important part to keep the baby warm is to set the cot in the right way. A baby will be well asleep if her crib or cot will be warm and cozy throughout the night. Use sheets while making the bed for the baby. Try to have extra sheets all around the crib and also with you to use during the night (if necessary).

Using an electronic heating quilt is not a good idea for your baby. They can trigger more heat during the night and cannot sense if your baby is super warm at the moment making your baby sweat (and can lead to further risks). They are not reliable during the night so never go for them. Always prefer layering up the crib. You can use flannel linen sheets as they are cheap and warm at the same time and are available in different designs. You can get them from

If the crib is still cold, you can use heating pad or heating bottle to warm up the crib. Never ever leave the heating pad in the crib while the baby is asleep. Some parent’s thinks that’s the best way to keep the baby warm all night but in fact these are the mistakes which can lead to SIDS! NEVER leave a heating pad or warm water bottle with the baby!

Warm sleep, safe sleep

  • Comfort comes first!

Make your baby comfortable putting before to bed. Don’t let her sleep with too much clothes. Make her ready with just a warm bodysuit with full sleeves and legs. Some inners also have gloves at the end of sleeves which can help to keep the hands warm during the night. Most of the parents cover their kids with woolen socks and hats but let me tell you that this is totally wrong. It will make your baby sweat when he will be super warm at night and ultimately can result into more cold or SIDS.

  • Swaddle or cover!

Once you have set up the baby with a bodysuit and warm up the crib, you can put him/her to sleep. Use blankets which are thin and super warm and NOT LOOSE. Loose blankets are a big no for your baby. Cover your baby properly. It is better to tie up your baby in baby wraps while they are asleep. It makes baby comfortable and they feel like they are in womb. So swaddle your baby in warm coverings.

  • Mommies snuggle!

If you are a mother who likes to make your bay sleep with you then there is not so much to worry about. Babies who sleep with their mothers become warm by body heat of their mothers and are never too cold during the night. It also makes mothers sleep well at night as they don’t have to wake up after every hour to keep a check on the baby. They can just know because the baby is right beside her! It has also been proved that babies who sleep with their mothers are least to get SIDS, stress and depression.

Time to go outside

First of all try to be inside when it is extremely cold out. It is not good for a tiny human to be in frosty weather. If it is that much necessary for the parents to take the baby with them they have to take special care of the baby so that he must not caught cold.

  • Snow suits!

We have already discussed how to layer up the baby for winters but if you are taking the baby outside your home you should cover him more with the help of jackets or snow suits if the weather is extremely bad. Snow suits or bounties come in different styles. They are warm and water repellent and keep the baby safe from cold winds and snow. They also have a big hood with the help of which we can cover the baby’s head.

  • Hats and mitten!

Now is the time to cover your baby with woolen hats and mittens. A hat will cover your baby’s head and keep him warm. Similar is the case with the mittens. Mostly baby’s’ hands remain cold and parents often ignore this tiny part of the body. If you live in an area with snow all around there is a great risk of frostbite on those tiny hands. You need to cover them with gloves to keep those tiny fingers warm.

If your baby has a habit of sucking her thumb or fingers, you should keep extra gloves with you.

  • Car seat safety!

When you are dressing up your baby for a tour, keep the car seat safety in your mind. Nothing is important than your baby. Dress up your baby in such snow suits which cause no hindrance in the belts of car seat. When you will add extra layers onto baby, the car seat belts will tie up loose resulting in any serious injury during an accident. The baby should be tie up properly with the car seat that’s the thumb rule.

Warm up the car before taking the baby in it and you can pull of her jacket if is causing the car seat belt to be loose. You can again make her wear the jacket when you will reach your destination.

Apart from this, there are comfortable clothes which go hand in hand with this car seat issue. You can also cover the baby in a warm blanket if she is not wearing a warm suit in the car. In this way she will be safe in the car seat and warm at the same time.

  • Stroller covers!

You can choose stroller covers which are wrapped around the stroller to stop strong cold winds. This can save your baby from cold winds and make her warm inside the stroller. If you don’t have a stroller cover then set your stroller with flannel sheets. Cover the stroller with a thick blanket to avoid cold.

  • Keep checking!

Last but not least, keep checking the face and hands of your baby when you are out. If the hands are too cold you should immediately leave the place and go somewhere inside. Also keep checking the color of the baby if it is whitening or getting pale. If you feel something wrong don’t try to rub the baby. Instead take her to a warm place and try to keep her hands warm. If nothing is happening go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY. She may be getting numb due to cold or her tiny fingers may get frostbite.

Winters are a feeling of being comfy and warm but also require a great care in terms of babies. If you will follow these important tips, your baby will be warm and cozy. Snuggle her/him up because all these tiny humans need is love and affection!

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