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9 February 2018 12:48:39 pm AEDT


You didn’t expect to squeeze in those size 10 jeans until your due date, did you? As dreaded and feared as they may be, maternity clothes are a necessity. Fortunately, they’ve come along way over the past several years, leaving behind the days of frump and ushering in a bit of class. Here’s a run-down of what you absolutely must have, what we think would be nice to have, and what’s the icing on the cake when it comes to maternity wear.



Maternity underwear

It may go without saying, but comfortable underwear is a must-have for all expecting mums. However, maternity does not mean dowdy. You can still wear bikini-cut, sexy undergarments. Maternity only means that they are made to accommodate your changing body. Maternity underwear allow for a slightly wider crotch and backside and often are cut to wrap the belly rather avoiding the "roll down".


Maternity/nursing Bras 

A good maternity or nursing bra is also a necessity. Your breasts can grow up to a full cup size larger during pregnancy. That’s a lot of added weight. You’ll need a great bra to support your newly filled-out breasts and your strained back.


Lower-heeled shoes

If you work in an office, dressy attire may be a requirement. But that’s no reason to put yourself and your baby at risk. Replace your old high heels with lower-heeled shoes. They don’t have to be flats, but try to stay away from anything that could test your balance.


Little Black Dress

It’s always been the symbol of style and sophistication. Why not carry the class over into your pregnancy days? A little black dress should be comfortable and light, yet stylish. Plus, black is slimming and fitting for all occasions. Wear to work or out to dinner. Team with sandals and wear to lunch.


A great pair of jeans

It is doubtful that you’ll be able to squeeze yourself into your pre-pregnancy pants after the fourth month. Why torture yourself? Purchase a quality pair of maternity jeans. They can sit either above your belly or below and can even be found with a stretchy middle for your expanding tummy. Look for a jean with loads of stretch in the denim to allow movement.


Flattering slacks

Comfortable and stylish pants are a definite necessity for any expecting woman. They should be stretchy so they hug your new curves, but not restricting. Go for dark colours like black, charcoal, or navy. A pair of slacks can go with any outfit and won’t knock a hole in your budget. Black, dressy pants They’re sleek and sophisticated and the perfect addition to any expecting mom’s wardrobe. Dress pants can go with your white, button-down shirt or even a more relaxed stretchy top.


Stretchy white button-down shirt

It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and it’s downright sexy. I mean, what husband would not want to see his wife in one of his dress shirts? Besides, a classy white shirt goes with anything, it will stretch to accommodate your belly, and it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and the occasion. Remember... stay away from frumpy dowdy!


Yoga Pants

The great thing about Yoga pants is that you may already own a pair. If you don't, purchase a pair in your regular size (or near it). Wear folded earlier in pregnancy and over tummy at that later stage. Once bub is born, Caesar or natural, your yoga pants will be your favourite.  The fold also helps to suck in that flubber belly and muffin top. 


Over Under skirt 

Here’s another great item you might already have. A skirt with an elastic waist can last you throughout much of your pregnancy so long as it feels comfortable and unrestricting. Again, dark colors are best but don’t be afraid to punch it up with a print design or floral pattern. A great option is a denim skirt. These are great for multi season wear. Team with leggings in Winter or as is in warmer weather.


Stretchy Tops

A great maternity-wear choice is long T-shirts made of stretchy material. Whether they are tank tops or long-sleeved, the stretchy material feels fabulous and shows off your bump without making you look huge. Team with your jeans, skirt, yoga pants or shorts for an easy to wear weekender.



They lend tailored lines to otherwise-flowy outfits and will keep chills away in an office or supermarket—cardigans are a maternity wardrobe staple. If you don’t want to button or tie one closed, you can stick with pre-maternity sizes; find ones that cover your belly or in the maternity section. The latest trend of drape cardigan wraps are fabulous for draping over bub whilst nursing postpartem.


Maternity support hose

Not only do they keep your legs looking shapely, but maternity support hose can drastically reduce the occurrence of varicose veins. Plus, some hose can help support your tummy and back, keeping you in prime posture and feeling good.


Empire-waist dress 

It’s cute, sexy, and great for day or evening. An empire-waist dress looks distinctly feminine and still accommodates your changing body.


Maternity waistband Expanders

These things are the little lifesavers up to 18 weeks gestation. With them, you can wear pretty much all of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Just insert this waistband expander and voila! You’ll have pants that fit and stretch to allow for growing tummy room.



Leggings can take most outfits through varying seasons. Team with your favourite skirt with a chunky cardi for a Winter warmer look. Tunics are a great way to ensure comfort and full term wear. Creating a mix and match wardrobe with a pencil skirt, slim leg pants, leggings and a few tunics.  Your wardrobe will work for you throughout the week, into the evening and even on the weekend.  


Fun printed shirts/tunics

Buying all black is BORING, SAFE and BORING.  Sure wear dark colour bottoms and covers like your favourite chunky cardi. After-all it has to go with everything. But team it up with a bright and lively tunic or shirt. Embrace your fabulous mummy to be shape and don't shy away from colour.  Have some fun with your maternity wear selections.


Black jacket

Just like a little black dress, a black jacket will go with just about anything. You can dress up any outfit or simply throw it on if you’re feeling chilly.


Stylish accessories

Don't be afraid to have fun with your clothes. Scarves, bracelets, hair ties—accessories won't break your budget but will make you feel excited about adding something new to your wardrobe.



It is always an afterthought however it is a good thing to consider. During the last trimester of pregnancy you are often up many times throughout the night. Ladies often won't fit hubby's old tee at the end. Having a super comfy set of PJ's that are nursing compatible post partem are a great asset.  If anything they are a must in your hospital bag.


Here are some great styling tips to start you off:

1. Empire waist garments

Opt for tops, dresses and evening gowns in this all-time flattering silhouette.  By cinching in the area just under your bust, you will define your bump and avoid the dreaded tent shape that only makes you look bigger. Separate your bump and your boobs!


2. Don’t cover up

Completely covering up will instantly add pounds, so search for scoop necks or medium V-neck tops that showcase your neck and décolletage while still looking elegant and sophisticated.


3.  Go with the flow

Dresses, skirts and tops in airy fabrics with slight movement are a great choice for mamas-to-be.  These flirty garments are utterly feminine and refined and will do wonders to your figure.  Over under style flip skirts or maxi skirts are fabulous with fitted tees for a comfortable everyday look.


4.  When in doubt, keep it classic

Leave extravagant patterns and over-embellished pieces for later -Anna Dello Russo is probably the only one that could ever pull that off successfully).  Instead, experiment with solid shades, neutral tones, colour blocking and simple prints that will enhance your bump, not compete with it.  We love pattern and colour, just don't over do pattern and colour. Team a patterned tunic with block colour leggings and a layered long sleeve tee.


5.  Keep proportions in check

If you’re adding volume on the top either by wearing a flowy blouse or layering with a structured blazer, go trim on the bottom and vice versa.  You’re looking to elongate your frame and enhance your pregnant curves.


The Angelbub team are happy to consult with you on your choices to best establish fit and shaping. We want you to love every piece you wear during your this fabulous time of your life.

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