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How to keep your Bub warm in Winter

12 February 2018 8:37:58 am AEDT

How to make your baby warm in winter

I found it almost impossible to get out of the bed when winters are here and my bed is cozy and warm. Getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do when it is cold. Winters are never my kind of thing.

And then there are BABIES. The super tiny, delicate and sensitive little humans who wants to be as warm as we could be during the tough snowy winters! Winters with babies can be very tricky especially if you are first time parents. You don’t even know what clothing’s to buy, what type of sheets, fleece and liners you must have and what should be the ideal room temperature in the nursery.

There are many ways to keep your baby warm during winters. Let’s have a look on some major important points to make your tiny humans warm and cozy!

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Bra, Bra, Bra


Trying to find the right bra while you're pregnant may seem impossible. Not only are your breasts changing size and shape regularly, but at times they can be sore—making you feel like wearing no bra at all!


While you can simply buy a larger bra during pregnancy, most OB-GYNs and midwives recommend wearing a nursing bra instead. Your breasts will likely go through various cup sizes, especially during your last trimester and after childbirth. If you nurse, your breasts will be larger as your milk supply changes to meet your newborn's needs, and your breast size should stabilize as you and your baby get into a regular feeding schedule. Fortunately, nursing bras can be adjusted to accommodate changing cup and band sizes of pregnancy and nursing.

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How to dress your bump in style

9 February 2018 12:48:39 pm AEDT

Here are some great styling tips to start you off:

1. Empire waist garments

Opt for tops, dresses and evening gowns in this all-time flattering silhouette.  By cinching in the area just under your bust, you will define your bump and avoid the dreaded tent shape that only makes you look bigger. Separate your bump and your boobs!

2. Don’t cover up

Completely covering up will instantly add pounds, so search for scoop necks or medium V-neck tops that showcase your neck and décolletage while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

3.  Go with the flow

Dresses, skirts and tops in airy fabrics with slight movement are a great choice for mamas-to-be.  These flirty garments are utterly feminine and refined and will do wonders to your figure.  Over under style flip skirts or maxi skirts are fabulous with fitted tees for a comfortable everyday look.

4.  When in doubt, keep it classic

Leave extravagant patterns and over-embellished pieces for later -Anna Dello Russo is probably the only one that could ever pull that off successfully).  Instead, experiment with solid shades, neutral tones, colour blocking and simple prints that will enhance your bump, not compete with it.  We love pattern and colour, just don't over do pattern and colour. Team a patterned tunic with block colour leggings and a layered long sleeve tee.

5.  Keep proportions in check

If you’re adding volume on the top either by wearing a flowy blouse or layering with a structured blazer, go trim on the bottom and vice versa.  You’re looking to elongate your frame and enhance your pregnant curves.


The Angelbub team are happy to consult with you on your choices to best establish fit and shaping. We want you to love every piece you wear during your this fabulous time of your life.

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