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The perfect maternity pant for work wear! Learn More

Regular Price: $64.95

Special Price $54.95

Soft, comfy pants with a bohemian vibe Learn More
Be summer chic at work with Alegra crop pants. Learn More
Style and comfort in one pair of leggings! Learn More
Climb the corporate ladder with Ripe Learn More
Comfort in a stylish pant! Learn More

Regular Price: $139.00

Special Price $109.95

Black pants suitable for pregnancy AND beyond! Learn More

Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price $59.95

Lounge in comfort! Learn More
Dressy Capris for summer style Learn More
Classic black maternity leggings from Angel Learn More
A change from the boring black legging! Learn More
Dare to be beautiful... in that pant for any occasion. Learn More
Dare to be different.... with a touch of luxury. Learn More

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $79.00

Dare to be beautiful... in the style. Learn More
Dare to be beautiful... and stylishly cool. Learn More
Dare to be beautiful in stretch maternity leggings Learn More
Straight cut pants in grey by Angel Learn More

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Maternity Leggings and Work Pants for Sale Online

Modern maternity fashion is all about breaking down the barriers we set ourselves and that society sets on us; using the power of clever design and courage to wear whatever we want during pregnancy, and look amazing in it. Angelbub has been collecting the best of maternity pants and leggings from Australian and international specialist labels for years.

The common factor in all of the great garments we stock in our online catalogue is how they work with, and for, the pregnant figure, not against it. A host of clever adaptations make these garments comfortable to wear for mothers-to-be at any stage of their term, or even after their child is born – flexible in every sense of the word. 

Pick up leading maternity pants designs from our online store

Craving some awesome fitted jeans to flatter your legs and fit snug under your bump? Angelbub has what you need, and in a variety of fashionable colours. Dress to impress with cleverly-cut garments from top trending labels, but stay comfortable thanks to their unique pregnancy-friendly design features. From elastic patches hidden around the waist to beautifully soft belly bands designed to support and cushion your bump, these pants have been designed from the first thread to help mothers get through maternity with a smile. 

Choose from Angelbub’s awesome range of maternity wear

We don’t just offer this sort of tailor made convenience in our collection of maternity pants and jeans. Enjoy your choice of incredible and unique pregnancy and nursing wear from the world’s leading maternity brands, all gathered in one easy-to-use digital store. Angelbub stocks dresses, bras, workwear, swimwear, tank tops, sweaters and many more. With the offer of automatic free shipping on any order over $150 made within Australia, now is your chance to buy up an enviable maternity wardrobe while saving big on price.